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Dutch Design for New Zealand
Corporate Tour

Interior Designers from New Zealand on their way to a fair in Cologne visited the workshops of Dirk van der Kooij and Frederik Molenschot. Our friend Gijs Stork showed them around X-Bank where there is a very large selection of Dutch Design. The tour ended at A'DAM tower. Did you know Dutch interior designers TANK made most of the public areas there?

posted by Lilian March 2017

First visitor to the Mayor's garden!
Private tour

Sometimes as a visitor to Amsterdam you can be lucky. Two visitors from the US were able to become the first visitors in the garden of the mayor's residence in Amsterdam as we took them there, and hit the news with it. The garden opens only twice a year.

posted by Lilian May 2017

How the Dutch deal with water !
Private Tour

On request of an IMF officer we guided her through the Dutch landscape. Theme was how the Dutch deal with the water, and how come we are not afraid of the water rising with climate change. By bike we cycled through new areas in town that were raised by adding layer and layer of sand: IJburg. We marvelled at the watervilla's, and enjoyed a sunny afternoon in Amsterdan-East.

posted by Lilian March 2017

Inpiration in Clothing
Corporate Tour

This 3 day inspirational tour in Rotterdam took our corporate guests to designers like Marga Weimans and to the Granny's Finest knitting group. For their inspiration they caught a glimpse of the future with Agata Jaworska at the Nieuwe Instituut.

posted by Lilian March 2017

Amsterdam Docks
Corporate tour

We took the German Rotary Mitte Muenchen out for an Amsterdam Docks tour. After a lunch at The LLoyd's Hotel we went by boat along the shores of the IJ. Theme was architecture and Industrial Heritage. The group visited the iconic A'DAM tower, young designers at the NDSM wharf and ended the day at the IJ-kantine.

posted by Lilian May 2017

Teambuilding and the Law!
Corporate Tour

To strenghten the team spirit of an international law firm, we designed a tour with different experiences from Virtual Reality to 3D printing. On top of the A'DAM tower they received a tour about the history of Noord, Amsterdams hottest area. The day ended with creating a fantastic dinner together at the Culinaire Werkplaats.

posted by Lilian April 2017

Culinary Tour as price !
Private Tour

As a special price for the yearly Aids dinner in Amsterdam in 2016 and 2017, we provided an Amsterdam culinary tour. This tour introduces the winners to the historical food trails in Amsterdam. During the tour we visited three Michelin star restaurants were the chefs surprised our guests with a taste of the very best they offer. Check his blog for his comments.

posted by Lilian June 2016

Air France Rennes
Corporate tour

On the occasion of the launch of Air France flights to Amsterdam from Rennes, we organised a two day Amsterdam tour. We took the management of Air France Rennes, the local Rennes airport management and the Rennes chamber of commerce around visiting a number cultural hotspots (Van Gogh, A'DAM Toren). We concluded the first day with an extensive boat tour with dinner on-board. Next day we had lunch at the French Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam.

posted by Lilian May 2016

Ici et Ailleurs
Press Tour

For the French upscale travel magazine voyager Ici et Ailleurs, we cycled along venues in Amsterdam Noord, but also visited smaller lesser known museums (Museum van Loon) and restaurants (Brasserie Ambassade, Atelier Wolf and Bridges). The result was a 20 page feature in the magazines autumn edition.

posted by Lilian October 15th 2015

Amsterdam Culinary Stars
Press Tour

Press tour with Giles Pudlowski making a round of Michelin star restaurants and a host of other food locations in the old centre of Amsterdam. Check his blog for his comments.

posted by Lilian Januari 31st 2016

Dutch Design Week 2015
Private Tour

We took our visitor around at Dutch Design Week and in particular took them to see the upcoming designers at Sectie-C. We met with different designers who were informing us on their way of working and how they design products. Of course there was time to do some shopping as well.

posted by Lilian Oct 30th 2015

Travel & Leisure
Press Tour

As one of the largest US travel magazines (1 million subscribers) Travel+Leisure regularly makes in-depth profiles of cities around the world. Our tour through Amsterdam North and East led to the article : The leading Edge (dec 2015) that gives an overview of how former Amsterdam outskirts begun to hum with creative energy and shift the center of the city itself.

posted by Lilian Jan 2016

AmsterdamDocks Architecture
Corporate Tour

"Mitarbeiter tour" for the staff of the German Embassy and Consulate, visiting architectural hightlights along the borders of the IJ in Amsterdam, like the A'dam tower, 3D printing Canal House and EYE.

posted by Lilian Juni 16th 2015

Dutch Design Tour 2015
Group Tour

A fantastic 10 day tour through Holland with a group of 25 design afficionados and sponsors of the Museum of Crafts & Design in San Francisco.

posted by Lilian Juni 19th 2015

Amsterdam Culinair !
French Press Tour

Press trip with French journalists to highlight the Amsterdam food history and visit the top restaurants in the old centre. In co-operation with NBTC Paris (Dutch Bureau for Tourism and Conferences).

posted by Lilian June 15th 2015

Superyachts Amsterdam
Press Tour

Tour along the shores of the IJ in Amsterdam for maritime journalists as part of a superyacht press trip by Holland Yachting Group.

posted by Lilian June 5th 2015

Amsterdam Classics
Private Tour

We had a great time with an US couple out for a classical city tour in Amsterdam. It was their 15th year wedding anniversary and I took them for a walk along the canal district.

posted by Lilian May 19th 2015

Million Flowers
Private Tour

You will never see this many flowers in our lives again! Took a US couple on a tour by private car along the FloraHolland flower auction in Aalsmeer, the tulip fields in bloom and the Keukenhof in Lisse. The sun was out and the colours were just fantastic!

posted by Lilian on May 4th 2015

Food and the City
Private Tour

With a small group we explored street food, small restaurants and the variety of different cultural backgrounds in the Amsterdam Food scene.

posted by Lilian on April 24th 2015

Unblocking Experiences
Corporate Tour

We organised an Inspiration Tour in Amsterdam for corporate groups along a number of innovative entrepreneurs and their businesses as part of their corporate strategic planning.

posted by Lilian on Oct 21st 2014

Fam Trip for Airline
Corporate Tour

Familiarity Trip in for guests and relations of the The Emirates Airlines for the launch event of the new Amsterdam connection.

posted by Lilian on August 14th 2013

Dutch Design
Press Tour

A tour along designers at the shores of the IJ for a group of French journalists in co-operation with NBTC Paris (Dutch Bureau for Tourism and Conferences).
Click here for publications and full tour description

posted by Lilian on Feb 7th 2015

Culinary Tour
French Press tour

We visited a selection of Amsterdam restaurants and food hot spots with journalists from the French Magazine Saveur.

posted by Lilian on March 7th 2015

New Architecture in Amsterdam
Press Tour

An architecture press trip along the shores of the IJ with a journalist from the Lebanese Deco Architecture and Design Magazine.

posted by Lilian on January 18th 2015

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