Enjoy a tranquile garden in the middle of buzzing Amsterdam.
Our boat will take you around to the most hidden gardens in the Canal Belt open only in summer.
Enjoy the relaxed Amsterdam-on-the-water feeling, have a drink or some food.
Enjoy your private boat that takes you around the canals to all gardens

We end the tour in classic style in famous VOC grachten house of the family Van Loon.
Come and see how the super rich from the Dutch Golden Age lived.
You will never see such a more classical example of the rich roots of the Amsterdam and Dutch heritage as on this day !

Canal House Garden Tour

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Culinary Events

Come with your family and friends and enjoy our rich variety of food.
Visit Michelin Star restaurants and Street Food stalls and enjoy the best our multi cultural chefs have to offer you.

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Urban Experiences

Get inspired by Amsterdam urban life and meet our friends,
artists, designers, chefs, architects and other Amsterdam urbanites.

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Experience Amsterdam in your own personal way

Classic Tours

Culinary Events

Urban Experiences

Discover the Dutch Heritage and Classics

In Holland for the first time? With our classic tours you explore Dutch history and it's Golden Age art, roam the beautiful canal district in Amsterdam and the visit traditional Dutch countryside with it's flower fields, windmills, fishery villages and pittoresk small cities.

Enjoy our food with family and friends!

Amsterdam has become the new culinary hotspot in Europe. A new generation of chefs is spearheading the development of Amsterdam to a leading culinary destination. Check out our wide variety of international cuisine, from streetfood tours to a Michelin Star rallye.

Immerse in Amsterdam's Urban life

Meet our friends and fellow urbanites in the thriving Amsterdam design, art, music, dance and architecture scene. You know the old part of town. Now take a boat and discover the new and buzzling side of Amsterdam-Noord along the shores of the IJ.

Personalizeyour tour and combine all!

“My customers are not looking for standard sightseeing tours. They have done that. Been there. On their visit to Amsterdam they want to relax, enjoy and get inspired. Looking for authentic experiences, meeting genuine people. We design our tours with your interests and experience in mind. Just tell us and we take you around town to places and people that make this visit special for you. Personalized.

- Lilian Tilmans -

“Regardless if you come to the first time to Amsterdam or come back regularly, the city is a treasure cove filled with century old art and architecture while at the same has a vibrant international scene were artist, designers and architects are creating the future right now. Our tours are a unique personal mix made only for you.”

- Lilian Tilmans

“With our tours we aim at visitors and urbanites that want to spend their time in the historic, art, design, fashion or heritage scene in Amsterdam. They want to meet with local friends, artists, designers, creatives, experts and professionals for a true and authentic experience.”

- Lilian Tilmans


Relax in a pristine garden ...

Canal House Garden Tour

Click here to see full tour description.
Enjoy a boat tour along quiet gardens.

Discover private treasures

Golden Age Art Tour

Click here to see full tour description.
Take a look at private art collections. Did you know there is a Rembrandt hanging in a private house? See how the golden age merchant families decorated their canal houses, as we go there and visit them.
Click here for tour itinerary

Meet the Amsterdam Culinary Star Chefs!

Amsterdam Culinary Stars Tour

Click here to see full tour description.
Come along this historic and tasty food tour in the old part of Amsterdam.

Meet the designers

Amsterdam Designer Tour

Click here to see full tour description.
Visit the Stedelijk for an intro to Dutch Design and continue meeting a number of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Dutch Designers in their studios in Amsterdam.
Click here for tour itinerary

Meet the pioneers along the IJ

Eastern Docks Archi-Boat tour

Click here to see full tour description.
Our boat will take you to the eastern part of the AmsterdamDocks area. Along the eastern shores of the IJ, Amsterdam has undergone a major transformation and is now a hotspot of modern architecture.
Click here for tour description

We start at the ARCAM the architecture centre where a boat will take us around Java-island and into the Eastern Docklands. Where we meet one of the pioneers at the LLoyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.

Meet our friends, enjoy their tours!

Friends Tours

Click here to see full tour description.
Enjoy some special tours from our friends :)

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Eastern Docks Architecture Boat Tour

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